Testimonies to the Holy Spirit’s Guiding People to Turn to the Almighty God
I. Typical Testimonies of the Christians and Catholics in Mainland China Who Turned to the Almighty God Because of Receiving Dreams and the Revelations of the Holy Spirit
(50 Testimonies Selected)

5. Wang XX, female, aged 29, from Henan Province, formerly a junior leader in the Hua Xuehe sect. In May 2002, someone testified about God’s end-time work to me, and I had a counter-emotion in my heart, unwilling to accept it. In July, another person came to preach it. Although it sounded good, I still doubted it in my heart and could not accept it with certainty. So I prayed to God, “O God! If what they preach is the true way, may you reveal it to me.” That night, I heard in my dream a voice saying, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’” I had barely answered “OK” when I woke up. It was two o’clock in the morning. I hurried to look into the Bible and found that what the voice said in the dream were just from Isaiah 30:21. I was too excited to get to sleep again, so I opened the bound volume of God’s word, The Word Appears in the Flesh, and read it until dawn. God’s word made me sharp-eyed and clear-headed. The more I read, the more I felt assured. From then on, I was certain about the way. And I brought to the Almighty God eight brothers and sisters of my former church.

6. Song XX, male, aged 67, from Henan Province, formerly a believer in the True Jesus Church. In January 2003, some people preached God’s end-time gospel to me. They said that God had come, opened the little scroll, and issued ten administrative decrees of the Age of the Kingdom. I suspected what they preached was false, so I drove them away. When leaving, they left a book of God’s word. For fear of being deceived, I kept praying to God that he would inspire me and give me discernment and show me the way. On the night of January 27, I dreamed that I was reciting the administrative decrees of the Kingdom. When I finished reciting the ten decrees, I was surprised to see the first several decrees glittering. I thought to myself, “This is the book of God’s word. But how come the next decrees do not glitter? Is it because I still have doubts about the book?” So I recited once more. Amazingly, when I finished reciting the ten decrees the second time, they all glittered, brightly and intensively. Then I woke up and said gladly, “It is the true way! The true God has appeared to me!” I immediately offered to God a prayer of thanksgiving and praise. Then I opened the book of God’s word and read it avidly. After reading God’s word, I felt more assured and brightened in my heart. God’s word made me more certain about God’s new work.

7. Ji XX, female, aged 60, from Henan Province, formerly a believer in the Three-Self sect. In October 2000, when God’s end-time work was preached to me, I was dubious and undecided about it. So I came before God and prayed for him to guide me. One night in November, my daughter-in-law and I had the same dream. In the dream, I saw a three-story building in the air. Its first and second floors looked blurred and indistinct, with no light in their rooms, whereas its third floor could be clearly seen. Although this floor was still under construction, it already had a fairly magnificent shape. After I woke up, I thought, “What does God want me to know from this dream?” Through the brothers’ and sisters’ fellowship, I understood that the first two stages of God’s work had passed and God had started a new work. From then on, I was certain about God’s end-time work.

8. Guo X, male, aged 69, from Henan Province, formerly an unbelieving one. My wife was formerly a believer in the Born Again Church. In March 2002, the sisters preached the Almighty God’s new work to my wife many times, but she never accepted it. Seeing that the sisters were made so sorry as to stream tears, I said, “Well, how about leaving the book for me to read?” So they left me the book. During my reading, I dreamed one night that I strolled about on the top of my cave-dwelling and saw that it seemed to have just rained in the field. The wheat seedlings with dewdrops were fresh, green, and pleasing…. Suddenly, I missed my step. At that critical moment, I remembered that my wife had told me that whenever I got into trouble, I could cry, “Jesus, be with me!” Just before I opened my mouth, I thought of the Almighty God, so I hurriedly cried out, “Almighty God! Be with me!” Instantly, a thick rope appeared before my eyes, and I grabbed hold of it quickly. Like taking an elevator, I landed on the ground safely. After I woke up, I immediately told my wife that dream, and she exclaimed with a pleased surprise, “God is inspiring you. The wheat seedlings represent the believers in God, and the dewdrops represent God’s water of life.” I said promptly, “Why don’t we accept the Almighty God right now?!” My wife nodded gladly. From then on, my wife and I followed God’s end-time work shoulder to shoulder.

9. Duo XX, female, aged 34, from Henan Province, formerly a believer in the Hua Xuehe sect. In June 2002, our leader, having accepted the work of the Almighty God, came to preach it to me, but I did not dare to accept it. After she left, I prayed, “O God! If what she preached is the true way, please give me a dream!” That night I had a dream: When I was standing at my door, five men came over. One of them walked to the brick pile in front of my house and dug my Bible up and put it in my arms, saying, “I give you ‘a baby of good deeds.’ If you still do not accept, you will have no more opportunity. If you accept, you are the blessed one.” When I had a look, my Bible had changed into a boy. So I took it gladly. After I woke up, I felt the dream quite unusual, thinking, “Is this dream really a revelation from God?”

The next day, I went to our leader’s home, pretending to drop by. It happened that a brother who preached the gospel was there. When I looked carefully at him, I was taken aback. His appearance and clothes were exactly the same as those of the man who gave me “the baby of good deeds” in my dream. So I sat down and talked with the brother, and he fellowshipped about God’s new work with me. Not until then did I conclude that my last night’s dream was God’s revelation to me. So, I gladly accepted the Almighty God.

10. Sun XX, male, aged 64, from Jiangsu Province, formerly a mid-level leader in the Hua Xuehe sect. In December 1998, God’s end-time work was preached to me, but I did not dare to accept it for fear that it might be a false way. Several days later, I dreamed at night that I was being chased by some people. After I jumped off a cliff, I felt very thirsty. At the time, a sister handed me a glass of water, saying, “Drink this glass of water, and you will never thirst.” After I woke up, I thought, “Only if I drink the water bestowed by God will I never thirst. Is God revealing to me that the end-time gospel is the living water bestowed by him?” On the third night, I had another dream: From the south came two brothers. At the time, I had an intuition that they were sent by God. After I awoke, I prayed to God, “O God! If you have really come to save me, may you reveal it to me. If there are really two brothers who come to preach to me, I will take it as the confirmation you give me and I won’t doubt anymore.” Sure enough, two brothers came to preach God’s end-time gospel to me the next day. After listening to their preaching, I accepted it joyfully.

11. Huang XX, female, aged 47, from Jiangsu Province, formerly an area leader in the Hua Xuehe sect. In 2000, when some people preached God’s end-time work to me, I did not dare to accept it. On February 19, 2001, another brother came to preach it to me, but I still did not dare to accept it. For the following week, I prayed each day that God would give me a revelation. On the seventh night, I dreamed about a book wrapped in a paper with seven portraits. After I woke up, I did not understand what it meant. The next day, the brother came to me again and brought with him a book. I saw that its jacket was just wrapped in a paper with seven portraits. It was exactly the same as the one I had seen in my dream. Then, I realized that my last night’s dream was God’s revelation to me, so I joyfully accepted God’s new work.

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